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Enchanting. Angelic. Mesmerizing. Sweet. Effortless. Dreamy. Pure. Intense. These are a few words that describe the voice, and vocal style, of Danielle Licari. Whether singing in her native French, or using her voice as the instrument without words, she remains one of the most gifted and unique vocal musicians to grace this earth. The gorgeous voice and musicality of this famous 1960’s and 70’s artist are truly rare. While Ms. Licari retired from professional recordings and concerts in the mid-1980’s, postings of her music on reveal she continues to have a significant, worldwide group of devoted fans. Adoring fans. Enchanted and loyal followers of the muse known as Danielle Licari. 


Danielle Licari "Fugatissimo"
From the Album "Rhapsody pour Deux Voix"


Danielle Licari may be most well known for a piece originally written for trumpet and strings. The French composer Saint Preux was working in a studio when he overheard Ms. Licari, who happened to be recording in the same building. Mr. Preux was so deeply impressed by her voice that he asked her to sing the melody originally composed for trumpet. “Concerto Pour une Voix” (“Concerto for a Voice”) was born and became France’s #1 1969 radio hit and 13th most-played song. This collaboration produced the highest professional success for both artists. Her voice “mimics” a trumpet with distinct, yet never harsh, staccato sounds, to soaring, seemingly effortless, melodic glissandos and sustained, pure tones. 

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